A not so short way to the c german?

  • The list of Starke und unregelmässige Verben
  • Funktionsverbgefügen
  • Verben mit direktem Kasus (Nom/Akk/Dativ)
  • Verben mit präpositionalem Kasus
  • Wissenschafts-und fachsprachliches Training
  • Verben mit un/persönlichem Subjekt + Objekt

Deck Building

As I was just starting, I didn’t want to focus on the technical details or doing it perfectly, instead I just focused on starting and moving forward correcting details in the way. The goal with Anki is to create question cards and at the same time review them. However there are several card types and theories about what should a card contain. For example in a verb list you may want to include all its forms for a given verb in a card or you may want to split it in several cards for each verb form.

german grammatical cases colors

Starke und unregelmässige Verben

initial table- Starke und unregelmässige Verben
schelten conjugation

Verben mit direktem Kasus ( Nom/Akk/Dativ)

In this case I took the paper list I had, and transcibed it into a spreadsheet, and as mentioned before classifying it by colors giving priority to the blue and green. However in the list there is also the combination of double yellow (Verben mit zwei Akkusativen) yellow-green (Verben mit Akkusativ and Genitiv) and yellow-blue ( Akkusativ und Dativ)


Please don’t run away! this is the hardest part and to be honest the one that really makes you to ace it out, those are little details that make the difference. After spending a long time searching for them and putting them on a spreadsheet, I got a list of approximatly 273 nominal verbs, which I considered worthwhile knowing. The idea was also to find their meaning and an example in german that could help me to get in context and lastly a translation to better understand it, for example:

Fünktionsverbgefüge Anstoß nehmen
FVB in Betracht ziehen

Verben mit Präpositionelem Kasus (Präposition + Akkusativ / Präposition + Dativ)

This list is really similar to the list of direktem Kasus, only that here a preposition is added with the case. Many time by knowing the preposition we could foresee which case will it use, but many times we find ourselves with surprises or sometime a verb can use several prepositions and change completely its meaning, so even though you might have seen the verb before when you find yourself with one of these you could get lost ( sometimes the context may save you)

Verben mit un/persönlichem Subjekt + Objekt

Here we want to review the personal and impersonal verbs and the case which they use

Verben mit Dativ Objekt+ Akkussativ Objetkt Anki

Wissenschafts-und fachsprachliches Training

In this case the cards where aimed more to phrases used in college, exams and advance level books. Usually those are list used in presentations and academic writing.



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